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Do NOT fall in love in Cuba

Only one of you will be in love.

This site is designed to provide information on jineteras (Cuban prostitutes and female hustlers), laws in Cuba, jineteros (pimps and hustlers), gay travel and nightlife.

Read about Cuban love stories, Cuban marriages gone bad (and some that have gone right) along with traveler precautions and dating customs in Cuba.

Cuban Cigars

There may not be freedom of speech in Cuba but there certainly is plenty of temporary love there and not just in a prostitution way. Many Cubans (male and female) will pretend to love you but only long enough to get off the island.

If you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. They do exist in Cuba.


Find the right trip to Cuba for you!

Erotic Art Festival in Cuba

With dances and folk music of Obiní Batá activities were initiated prior to the opening of 19th Erotic Art Exhibition in the Fayad Jamis Gallery of Alamar, Havana on Saturday February 16th. This show awards, in addition to the visual arts, fiction and poetry on the subject.

The evening began with a recognition of the work of artists Aldo Soler and Chomenko Hanna and the artist and writer Ana Lydia Vega Serova, for their contribution to culture.

Awards were given for the categories of Fine Arts, Short Stories and Poetry. Read the article from Havana Times. Not far from this festival is the Erotic Art Gallery of Alamar, just outside of Havana.

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Defense against the Babalu Bullies and Capital Hill Cuban extremists.