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Gay Friendly Cuba

Bars, Accommodations and Beaches

Cuba has become a bit more gay friendly in recent years but you should still ask around to find the most comfortable gay-friendly hotels, private houses for rent and gay nightlife spots in Cuba.

The gay scene is tolerated in some cities and some locations more than others so you need to do some research before you go then ask around for gay bars and gay friendly lodging in Cuba.

The transvestite movement is big in Havana so if that's your thing, you should find plenty of men to entertain you. Ask around about gay parties in Havana called Fiestas de diez pesos then enjoy the ride... you know what I mean.

The Cine Yara on La Rampa at L street in Vedado Havana is a good place to look for action. Of course there is the Malecon which is Havana seawall boulevard. EVERYONE loves to hang out there.

The lesbian scene is very much underground so girls, if you are looking for gay women in Cuba, you are going to have to look around pretty hard.

You can read more about being gay in Cuba but don't expect a gay pride parade in Cuba. There was a Queers to Cuba tour in 2007 so maybe you can get more information from that article.

In May of 2011, the IDAHO parade was held in Havana in celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia.

Resources for Gays in Cuba

The Canadian website Gay Cuba offers this video interview with Mariela Castro (Raul Castro's daughter) and head of the Cenesex ministry (yes, that is really the name of the ministry in charge of sexual awareness in Cuba). It is located in Vedado Havana at #460 Calle 10.

The Gay Scene in Havana Cuba

According to Christopher Baker's Moon Handbook, in Habana Vieja which is Old Havana, the El Café Mercurio on Oficios between Lamparilla and Amargura attracts a gay crowd. A transvestite show is hosted at the Sociedad Cultural Rosalía de Castro at Avenue de Bélgica #504 alto between Máximo Gómez and Dragones Streets.

In Centro Habana, the Castropol (Malecón #107 at the corner of Genios street has a drag cabaret Monday though Thursday at 11:30 p.m.

La Pampa at Marina #102 on the corner of Vapor street is a smoky, down-to-earth disco while in Vedado, the La Arcada at Calle M or M street is known to be open 24 hours and is always packed. The cramped, humid Club Tropical at Línea and F is open till 3am and occasionally acts as a gay venue, as does the steamy cellar bar, Club Saturno at Línea between 10 and 12 streets, open till 2:30am. writes about gay Havana nightlife and you can read about gay pride parades in Cuba.

Gay Travel and Accommodations in Cuba

Current information regarding gay travel in Cuba is very hard to come by but offers some private houses for rent in Cuba for gays and the AnswerBank offers some information. Our sister site Cuba Casas is a great resource for finding Casas Particulares or private houses for rent in Cuba. Try to find a private house with a separate entrance or try to rent an entire house or apartment so you don't even have to deal with the owners once you move in.

Maybe you need a gay Cuban travel guide?

Cuba Gay Paradise Tours welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you during your visit to Cuba. This is a group of young people, students at the University of Havana and professionals working in various segments of society, who seek to offer cultural contact and exchange with like-minded people in Cuba.

The Dallas Voice weighs in with this article about gay travel to Cuba... Puerta Vallarta — so 2000s. Key West — boring. The new hot spot for gay men is 90 miles south of Florida. Sleepy, mysterious Cuba may be officially off-limits to Americans, but with a little creativity is readily accessible to Texans looking for a unique Caribbean adventure.

Purple Roofs has more information for gay travelers to Cuba.

Gay Rights in Cuba

Cuba's gay rights revolution - Niurka says she is "halfway out of the closet" as a lesbian in Cuban society. She doesn't talk about her sexuality in public, and she's thankful nobody asks at work. But with her curly cropped hair and more masculine dress — most notably gym shoes on an island where most women prefer sandals — she says she can't conceal it.

Cuba expert Sarah Stephens writes an op-ed piece in the Advocate: Cuba Finds Its Footing on LGBT Rights. For decades, Fidel Castro led a nation that was often cruel to LGBT people. Now the island nation is turning the tide.

Cuba – The Next Great Gay Travel Destination?

by Craig Kimbrough of

A new revolution is quietly brewing in Havana, Cuba which could make it the next great gay travel destination. Only two hours from Atlanta, the gay scene in Havana is beginning to sizzle after years of repression. Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela, has even participated in a gay rights march and Brokeback Mountain has been seen on government television.

While gay life is still largely underground, one of the most amazing scenes occurs every night in Havana starting at about 11:00 pm where La Rampa Street and the Malecon, an ocean front walk, intersect. On weekends you’ll see hundreds of guys strolling, chatting, and playing guitars all night until the sun rises. Talk to the right people and you’ll get an invitation to one of the private home parties that pop up in different locations throughout the week.

If you would like a small splurge, head over to the basement of the National Theatre on a Friday or Saturday night for their cabaret/dance party. You’ll see hundreds of young Cuban men looking...

Queer Cuba article from Here Is Havana blog.

A California man's visit to Cuba and his report on gay life in Cuba.

"On my own the first evening, I loiter across the street from our hotel, in front of the Yara Theater where the gay action begins after 11 p.m. The street crowd is young, mostly in their 20s – a mixture of straight and gay singles and couples. But unlike Rio de Janiero, there is no hint of menace or danger in the air. After a few quick and cordial conversations, I stroll down 23rd Street to the Malecón."