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Jineteras in Cuba

Jinetera in Spanish literally means a female jockey.


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Male prostitutes in Cuba are called Jineteros. For some young men, the sex trade offers an income unavailable in the rest of the cash-strapped economy.

Carlos Triana dropped out of school when he was about 15 and became a male prostitute in Vedado, a tourist area of Havana.

His family was too poor to buy him shoes or provide food for the school day. “On top of that, I had to put up with being insulted and reviled for being gay,” he said.

So instead he took to leading a double life, pretending to his family that he was still going to school.

“I left really early in the morning and spent all day walking all the way up and down Road 23, trying to pick up a ‘yuma’ [foreigner],” Triana said. “At the beginning, I found it difficult, but now I’m used to it and I always get clients who pay me more than 50 CUC.”