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Val Prieto's attack against Cuban Americans

My defense against the extremist right wing bullies at Babalu Blog and Capitol Hill Cubans.

(Note: This page was moved from it's original website to this new website. Since this page will show up in search engine results, I will not use the full names of the innocent people or organization that was affected by this site and my involvement with it. I will not link out to the attack blogs, you can search and find them easily enough.)

History from launch of the website in 2006 to April 8, 2011

From the day this site launched several years ago, there was never any nudity on the site and most of the content was educational or linking to main stream news and information articles. I never had one complaint or comment by anyone to me in person, by phone, by email or in an article or comment anywhere on the Internet.

As you will read below, some of my words were "racy" and perhaps even inappropriate to some people but this site has never been considered to be "adult". It ranked high in search engine results for sex in Cuba and other terms like Jineteras, Cuban girls etc because there was no reason for search engines to consider any page here to be of an adult nature.

The site had 200 to 400 visitors a day for well over one year. I never had ANY complaints about its content, until Val Prieto high executioner and owner of decided to use this site to make a statement to malign the efforts and great people at this fine Cuban American non-profit, nonpolitical organization.

April 8 - I'm a panelist at a conference

On Friday April 8, 2011 I had the privilege of being invited to sit on a panel at a Cuban American issues conference at Boston College.

This is one of currently 40 developed Cuba websites in our Havana Network and I have never hidden the fact that this site was part of that Network of Cuba websites.

Conference organizers did not know about our Havana Network nor did they know about this website. When they asked me to sit on an information panel about Cuba, I did not think to mention this site when I accepted their invitation. In hindsight I regret not thinking to mention my involvement with this site to them and now I regret embarrassing them with my presence at the conference.

Had I even thought that my involvement with this site would even remotely cause embarrassment to them, I would have declined their invitation.

April 11 - Conference organizer learns about this site

The conference organizer called me personally in the afternoon to tell me how unhappy he was with me and how offensive the site was to him and his organization. At first I was shocked and felt stupid that I did not think about how this site might affect the conference. I explained that there was no nudity but then he read me some of the text and then I realized how the site is offensive.

I then felt terrible that I had such a negative effect on him and the conference. I changed the nameservers shortly after in order to kill the site and called him back to tell him that the site had been taken down.

He posted this statement at his website: "Unfortunately, it was brought to our attention after the conference that one of the panelists, Rob Sequin of the "Havana Journal," owns a web site related to sex in Cuba. Conference organizers were not aware of this site nor of its ties to the panelist. This site is absolutely not in line with {our} values, and we strongly condemn it.

Had the organizers been aware of the circumstances, Mr. Sequin would not have been invited to participate in the event. After being informed of the existence of this site, the organization strongly urged Mr. Sequin to take it down. At the time of this post, the site was disabled." END

The conference organizer did the right thing by posting the public statement and I commend him for addressing this unfortunate incident publicly. I also commend him for calling me personally to address the situation.

I was the first one to leave a comment: "The site mentioned is but one of 40 Cuba information websites that we have developed and although some text on the site was in bad taste, the main purpose of the site was designed to be more educational featuring You Tube videos and main stream news articles.

The site has been taken down with respect to the {name removed} organization.

I deeply regret offending anyone." END

April 12 - Val Prieto uses his to attack me and the innocent non-profit organization

Val Prieto (who I learned has openly attacked the organization's efforts and organization in the past) admitted to me that he personally contacted the the conference organizer to tell him about my involvement with this site.

On the morning of April 12, I get an email from Val Prieto with the subject "yeah, it was me" with the text of "The sex tourism in Cuba sites are still up, Rob. If they're still up by the end of the day, I'm ripping everyone a new one."

I replied "Thanks for the heads up. I changed the nameservers last night so the site should be dead but it may be living in your cache? Try another browser or with or without www and you should see a dead page. Also, only one sex site that I know of, If you have other examples, please let me know." END

Computers and internet service providers will cache web pages for several hours and perhaps days I suppose but I made it clear in my reply to him that the site had been taken down. Apparently that fact didn't matter to who likes to throw bombs without regard for the truth or fact checking.

Also, this site has been up for a couple years and NOT ONCE has Val ever made any mention of it to me personally or on his blog. Today he directs his henchman Alberto de la Cruz kill two birds with one stone.

On April 13 at 11:45am, Val's "editor", Alberto de la Cruz, writes a vicious attack blog post using me as a shameful way to attack the organizers, the organization, attendees and panelists at this nonpolitical Cuban American conference. Even though Val's nickname is "El Machete" he is a coward choosing NOT to put his own name on this attack post.

My comments about the attack article from Babalu blog

From the first paragraph it's clear that the author is looking for a way to discredit the non-profit organization by saying "Nevertheless, we still have serious reservations regarding the organization {edit}, and those doubts center around its leadership and its main benefactor and supporter, Carlos Saladrigas." The author continues with this angle through the next three paragraphs and then finally comes the mention of me… "the most disturbing and questionable" speaker with a photos featuring the caption "Rob Sequin: first person seated on the extreme left (no pun intended)". Apparently the author does not know that I am a registered Republican. Did he ever ask me about the party that I'm registered with? No but see anyone who even talks about Cuba is "extreme left".

The article copied and pasted this text from this website "Seriously, Cuba is the place to get laid... man, woman, straight or gay! There may not be freedom of speech but there certainly is freedom of sex. However, if you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. You're not going to find those in Cuba." Was this taken from the website? Yes. Is it in bad taste? Yes. Has it been removed for this newly relaunched website? Yes.

The article goes on to talk about Val calling the conference organizer and his response that he had no knowledge of this site. I know the conference organizer nor any of his staff nor even the panelists or attendees even knew about this site.

So the author summarizes by writing "This incident perfectly illustrates the concerns and doubts we have had about the {organization}" and he goes back into his real reason for not liking this Cuban American non-profit organization: because the "speakers and guests were all anti-embargo, and they all advocate engagement with the Castro dictatorship". He then posts numerous screen shots of the website which I thank him for. Readers can see that even though there was text that was in bad taste, the site was not of an adult nature in any other respect.

Then, with some exceptions, the rank and file line up to throw their own bombs without knowing any more than they have read in the article. Comments such as:

"Who Dat exposed Havana Journal's secret prostitution racket?"

"I'm no attorney, but is promotion of prostitution in a country that it's not even legal to travel to in the first place, legal?"

"Rob Sequin is a low life, trying to make a buck on the Cuban suffering, I known of this character for a long long time."

At the very least, the {organization} needs to examine how and why such a flagrant offender went undetected by their vetting process, assuming they have one, and make very sure nothing like that ever happens again."

The author sums it up best with his comment "And to set the record straight, we did not lump {organization} in with Sequin. {organization} lumped Sequin in with themselves."

"Secret prostitution"? "promotion of prostitution"? Really? No need for me to address every silly comment from simple minded followers of Babalu blog.

As far as vetting speakers, what are any conference organizers supposed to do, ask everyone if they have any offensive websites, have they ever been arrested etc?

April 13 - The sensationalism continues… (don't be fooled by the plural title, this blog is just another Val Prieto and his name is Mauricio Claver-Carone). Mauricio is just another far right wing "our way or the highway" closed minded extremist who decides to post his own shameful article attacking me with little to no facts about anything. What do you expect, facts?

From the very first paragraph he has the story wrong and again, only knows what he read at "Babalu Blog has exposed several websites promoting sexual tourism to Cuba owned by Rob Sequin, editor of the Massachusetts-based website, Havana Journal."

Several websites? Nope just Did Mauricio contact me to ask me to confirm or clarity anything? Nope. Then he goes on to say that I am "promoting sexual tourism", really? In the second paragraph you can clearly see that Mauricio has his own personal agenda against me because I wrote the negative article about him (see link above).

Then he goes on to mention how I was a constituent of former U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-MA), "a favorite of the Castro brothers". Then he even goes on to attack the Catholic Church representatives from the conference by throwing this bomb at the Church "whom zealously lobby to unconditionally lift sanctions against the Castro regime". Didn't the Catholic Church just get DOZENS of political prisoners freed from Cuban jails? Of course that is somehow supporting the Castro regime so the Catholic Church is on Mauricio's shit list too.

He wraps up the article with yet more ignorance and sensationalism with this statement "Which brings up another question -- what type of license does Sequin travel to Cuba under? Regardless, he's obviously violating the terms of the license".

Had Mauricio had any sense for honest journalism, he would have called me or at least had some concern for the facts but he clearly he got hyped up from the Babalu lynch mob.

Mauricio, for your information, I have not been in Cuba since 2004 and when I did travel there I flew out of Miami on a US agricultural sales travel license.

Maybe if you checked your facts people would show you more respect. Mauricio is a coward blogger. He does not allow comments to ANY of his posts so he can sit behind his computer and throw bombs all day long so innocent people or people with facts cannot defend themselves.

I find it funny that Val and Mauricio or more like Fidel Castro and the Cuban government than they care to acknowledge... each one hates opposition or dissent and anyone who disagrees is an ENEMY.

All extremists are the same. NONE are very tolerate and ALL are quick to attack anyone who are not sycophants. Now you know why Fidel Castro uses the term "Miami Mafia".

April 14 - One Babalu blog article is not enough… the sex peddler

Note that the ONLY comment I left is the one mentioned above. I made no public or private comments yet these extremists can't help themselves but to be whipped into a frenzy with a lynch mob mentality.

So, Babalu blog copies the Capitol Hill Cubans article and pastes that into a new article calling me a "sex peddler" in the title. It's just too funny. Now they post a photo of me (stolen from a non-Cuba related source) with a caption calling me a "Cuba Sex Trade Entrepreneur". Now I'm in the Cuban sex trade… because of this website? Truly an amazing amount of closed minded ignorance.

The article professes my "obvious involvement in the Cuba sex trade" and also questions what type of license I have to travel to Cuba.

One commenter professes his ignorance and carries the ball a bit further "Sorry I'm not informed about the {organization} bunch nor of Rob Sequin and his activities, but it sure seems to me a PIMP GOT BUSTED!!"

Another commenter says that even though I am a "disgusting individual" that readers should not "crucify such a worthwhile organization without first doing some real research of our own".

At least this person has some sense of reality but then Val jumps right in with this ignorant comment choosing to ignore the above comment (again, extremists do not like dissent). Val writes "Gimme a break. One need only look at the players involved in said panel: Sequin, a Delahunt groupie and Cuba profiteer; Carlos Saladrigas, Mr. Cuba Study Group, lift the embargo, lift travel restrictions and also Cuba profiteer, Manny Hidalgo, Mr. Microloan; and the catholic Church, the regimes most recent partner in crime." END

Wow. Really Val? How about the other non-profit Cuban charity organization that was on the panel. They help the elderly and children in Cuba with purely humanitarian work. I guess they are Castro supporters too so they are all bad too?

It's a true shame that Val and Mauricio will "eat their own young" by attempting to discredit such a fine Cuban American organization by any means possible.

April 23, 2011 - goes live again

Since it is clear that Val and Mauricio will use any excuse to attack, denigrate and bully any person, company or organization that does not agree with them, I felt compelled to write this article in my defense and to fight back in some small way against the Babalu blog bullies.

In addition to writing this article, the other way to defend myself against "sex peddler" allegations is by relaunching this site for people to see that it's not an adult site and that it does not promote sex tourism to Cuba. Some may be offended by the simple existence of this website but there is nothing adult or illegal about this site.

Sine my corporation is self-funded without any government funding or Angel investors and since I have my own "ink", I will combat extreme right wing, lynch mob mentality.

I was not personally fazed by the above attacks but as days went by, I felt obligated to defend myself and the nonprofit organization that was attacked. Of course I doubt the organization wants me wants me defending them but I think Babalu blog and Capitol Hill Cubans readers should have all the facts so they can come to their own conclusion about this situation. is so entrenched in their extreme right-wing, pro-Embargo obsession that they will attempt to destroy anyone, any company or any organization that is not 100% anti-Castro and 100% pro-Embargo all the time without exception. I will not be bullied by their libelous activities so I felt compelled to expose them and to write this article. My only regret is that the non-profit organization had to be involved.

What has changed from the old site to the new site?

Not very much to be honest. I have listed all the changes below. I think you'll agree that the old site did not promote sex tourism to Cuba.

This text: This site is designed to provide information on Jineteras (Cuban prostitutes and female hustlers), sex laws, escorts, gay hangouts and clubs where you are most likely to find (temporary) love. We will be posting some entertaining stories and eye candy photos but this site will not be X rated.

Check back for Cuban sex stories, Cuban marriages gone bad (and some that have gone right) along with traveler precautions, sex laws, sex customs and places to score whether you are straight, gay or some where in between (for you transvestite lovers) and there is an active transvestite culture in Havana Cuba.

and this text:

Seriously, Cuba is the place to get laid... man, woman, straight or gay! There may not be freedom of speech but there certainly is freedom of sex. However, if you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. You're not going to find those in Cuba.

have been changed to read:

This site is designed to provide information on Jineteras (Cuban prostitutes and female hustlers), sex laws, escorts, gay hangouts and clubs. We will be posting some entertaining stories and eye candy photos but this site will not be X rated. Check back for Cuban sex stories, Cuban marriages gone bad (and some that have gone right) along with traveler precautions and sex customs. 


There may not be freedom of speech but there certainly is freedom of sex in Cuba. However, if you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. You're not going to find those in Cuba.


Did I offend people with some wording on the old site? Yes and I regret that.

Did I tee this one up for the rabid dogs at Babalu Blog? I suppose I did.

Do I think the conference organizers, panelists or attendees deserve any of this criticism? No.

How come Babalu Blog has never had a conference? I'd love to see the panelist for that one… Luis Posada, anti-freedom politicians like Diaz Balart and Ros Lehtinen, anybody who ever tried to kill Fidel Castro and others, but have me on a panel and the whole organization is tainted? Just plain crazy extremism at it's worst.

The fact that I regularly criticize the Cuban government, Fidel and Raul even going so far to say that "If Jose Marti were alive today, he would shoot Fidel Castro in the head" does not matter to Val or Mauricio.

The fact that I openly support prominent dissidents on the island and the fact that I give right wing extremists unlimited "ink" at our Havana Journal to post their rants against anti-American freedoms, this does not matter to Val or Mauricio.

I have remained silent for too long about their extremist, anti-American bullying behavior. I'm sorry that the Cuban American organization had to be dragged into this attack but I know that nothing will matter to Val or Mauricio and they will not stop their bullying tactics until a Diaz Balart or Ros Lehtinen is President of Cuba.

Rob Sequin


Havana Journal Inc. (a Massachusetts based corporation)